More About Us

Hello!  Here you will find an introduction to our church with basic information about the church’s people,  history and organizational structure. We hope you’ll find this page useful and relevant, and we encourage you to contact us for any further information!

Who we are

We believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God and that in it, He reveals who He is, what we are to believe and how we are to live our lives as His children.

As a people of God, in fellowship with one another and in communion with the Holy Spirit, our purpose is to worship God together, to share the love, forgiveness and salvation message of Jesus Christ, and to grow in our faith as His disciples.

History of First Baptist Church of Wolcott

The First Baptist Church of Wolcott was established in 1832, about 25 years after the town of Wolcott was formed. Membership fluctuated for a few decades, growing to 100 members and then dropping to only fourteen. After membership increased, in 1889 the decision to begin replacing the wooden church building with a brick church was made. This building is now the present First Baptist Church of Wolcott.

What to Expect on a Visit

First and foremost, our church is not one that dwells on appearance! The members are not so much concerned with how you dress as they are with having you join us , so as long as you are covered and your clothes are appropriate, you are more than welcome to worship. Also, don’t worry at all about being a newcomer. The members are very open to having new churchgoers, and there are pamphlets in each row of pews for visitors to fill out if they have questions about joining the church.


Our music is a blend of contemporary worship music and traditional hymns.  Our choir meets Thursdays at 6:30 for rehearsals.

RACE Time Learning and Upper Room Chapel

Classes are offered Sundays at 9:15 for every member of the family!  . During the service, our young people  participate together in worship in the more relaxed atmosphere of the “Upper Room Chapel.  Nursery care is available each week.

Men’s Group

Men meet several times a month on Sunday afternoons.  Please contact Pastor Bob Searle at (315) 573-

Bible Study

There are opportunities to get involved with a small group Bible study.  Please join us at the church on Wednesdays at 6:30PM starting February 21, 2018 to study “Future Grace” by John Piper.




Our church is led by an elected Leadership Team which meets once a month.  Ministry Teams have been formed in areas such as Worship, Prayer, Outreach, Transportation, Fellowship/Caring, Missions, Finance and Building and Grounds in order to do the work of ministry.


2 responses to “More About Us

  1. To the interested members of First Baptist Church of Wolcott, Ny.
    My mother, Carolyn Anderson, died on March 13 of this year. She had been suffering from dementia for some time, which had become quite severe in the last few weeks of her life. However, she was quite happy and died peacefully while sleeping.
    Someone there may remember Rev. Jack Anderson and his wife, Carolyn (my mother). Dad served as an interim pastor for your church some years ago.

    Nina Robart (Carolyn’s daughter)
    214 Blackmer Ln
    Columbia Falls, MT 59912

    • We remember well your parents, Jack and Carolyn Anderson. They were a blessing to our church family and to the family of God. They inspired us to dig deeper and reach higher in our willingness to serve. They always served with love. Although I knew your Mom had gone home to the Lord in the Spring, I had not known how to send condolences or appreciations for their connection here. blessings Lucia

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